How it works

Everyone has tools such as symbols and metaphors within them because they have been learned sub consciously unlike the words we use. We are far more intelligent with images than words as they are primitive to how we learn. Since we develop this non verbal part of brain first, image lead learning is dominant, in Art Psychotherapy we can revisit this way of re learning and gain insight into our present behaviour and bring emotion back down to an experiential level, by using images we have a medium or literally a space to ‘sort out’ our feelings. The environment to discover your own emerging symbols and metaphors can be supported within Art Psychotherapy and along with the knowledge of the therapist’s subtle techniques in how to explore these, gives a great launch for personal revolutions. By giving yourself a dedicated, supported time to pause, create and be listened to, you make space to reflect and release suppressed emotions stored up during past moments of stress. Art work made in the therapeutic space creates a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious. Buried feelings, once experienced, can be released and together we can gain a clearer understanding of your emotional life.

How I work

My therapeutic approaches include psychodynamic and person-centred although I really like to start with the ‘here and now’. Sessions can include image making, play, movement and relaxation. I’m also trained in Sandtray work. I have a special interest in the body so work holistically and hope to adapt to really hear each client’s story, from their mind, body and images. Wherever I am working it is always with warmth and empathy, creating, a safe and nurturing environment that offers clients the support they need towards meaning, understanding and healing.

How many sessions will I need?

We can first have a phone call when hopefully, I can answer any questions you have and get a sense of where you are. We can then arrange an initial session which will helps us decide if we want to work with each other and an agreement will be drawn up for a specific number of regular sessions.


The work, during Art Therapy sessions, with each client is confidential and this is discussed. The art works made during each session will be stored securely by me in between sessions. Clients can choose to take their art work when the sessions come to an end. We review your images from time to time, giving a visual record of change and growth.